Topic:Shadows-Synthetic Assets Power Trillion-Dollar Markets

Guest: Iror Chen(Shadows CEO)

Host: first of all, let’s welcome our guest Iror Chen. Please introduce yourself briefly.

Iror Chen: I first knew Bitcoin in 2013 and was attracted by its technology and decentralized idea. I kept learning new knowledge about cryptos and officially entered…

Dear Shadows Community,

The team are delighted to see that Shadows Dapp (beta) is well accepted by our community. Over the past few days, we have collected numerous useful suggestions — your effort is appreciated! Towards a successful launch of Shadows V1, we need your continued support and input. …

We’re delighted to announce that our parachain Prism has successfully connected to Rococo!

about Rococo

Rococo is a Polkadot testnet built for testing parachains. Rococo utilizes Cumulus and HRMP (Horizontal Relay-routed Message Passing) in order to send transfers and messages between parachains and the Relay Chain. Every message is sent to the Relay Chain, then from the Relay Chain to the desired parachain. …

We’re delighted to announce that you’ll soon be able to trade DOWS tokens on Pancake Swap.

We’re very proud of all the work we’ve been doing recently to secure partnerships and integrations for Shadows. Synthetic assets represent a huge leap forward for how people can invest their money and benefit…

shadows network

Shadows is a hub for issuing, trading, lending and borrowing synthetic assets

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