Bounty for Your Feedback

Dear Shadows Community,

The team are delighted to see that Shadows Dapp (beta) is well accepted by our community. Over the past few days, we have collected numerous useful suggestions — your effort is appreciated! Towards a successful launch of Shadows V1, we need your continued support and input. Here, we’d like to provide incentives to encourage you submitting bug reports as well as further comments regarding our beta.

Below are the rules:

1. Submission:

Send your report to our official email: The title of the email should be ‘bug report for Shadows beta’ or ‘suggestions for Shadows beta’.

2. Selection Process:

Valid bug reports and the suggestions that will be adopted in V1 are qualified for reward.

3. Awards:

4. Awards Distribution:

After the event, a list of winners will be announced on Twitter: @shadows_defi

Winners need to provide a ERC20 address and send a PM to Shadows’ official Twitter.

We are confident that by incorporating your feedback, Shadows V1 will be even better. Let’s hit the road!

About Shadows Network:

Website | Telegram | Twitter| Github | Weibo

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