Our Parachain Prism is Live on Rococo

We’re delighted to announce that our parachain Prism has successfully connected to Rococo!

about Rococo

Rococo is a Polkadot testnet built for testing parachains. Rococo utilizes Cumulus and HRMP (Horizontal Relay-routed Message Passing) in order to send transfers and messages between parachains and the Relay Chain. Every message is sent to the Relay Chain, then from the Relay Chain to the desired parachain. Rococo currently runs four test system parachains (Statemint, Tick, Trick, and Track), as well as several externally developed parachains.

about Prism

Prism powered by Shadows has several outstanding features: 1) built with Substrate, Prism is highly scalable and cross-chain capable; 2) Prism is compatible with other public chains such as Ether, BSC, which will bring liquidity to DeFi applications on Prism Network; 3) developers will be able to create and deploy DeFi applications on Prism Network easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

Shadows is a hub for issuing, trading, lending and borrowing synthetic assets https://www.shadows.link/#/