Shadows Network Joins Forces with YOP Finance

The announcements are coming thick and fast these days, and our latest should prove one of the most useful yet: Shadows Network has teamed up with YOP.

A popular yield optimization platform powered by Ethereum and Polkadot, YOP will integrate with the Shadows API, enabling its users to access our assorted synthetic assets.

YOP provides dynamic defi portfolio management with automated impermanent loss protection, aggregation, and reward protocols, so it’s a great fit. With its sizable pipeline of institutionally-backed customers, the all-in-one yPlatform will help to bring greater liquidity to our Polkadot-based synthetic trading platform in the months and years ahead.

As we leverage traditional markets to grow synthetic liquidity and volume, while offering diverse investment products to our user base, alliances such as this one will be crucial. Like us, YOP has been busy expanding its partner network in recent times, having inked agreements with the likes of Balancer, TrustSwap, Kylin Network, and Vortex DeFi. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that Shadows Network also partnered with Kylin Network this week.

YOP simplifies the process by which users access yield markets, enabling them to deposit and stake their digital assets to earn a return. YOP users can also take advantage of advantageous market rates and deep liquidity, as well as accessing Smart Market Analysis and live feeds. A chain-agnostic protocol, YOP is busy integrating with several blockchain networks such as Binance Smart Chain and and Solana.

The plan going forward is to support each other’s platform and collectively develop superior products for an expanding customer base. Defi is going from strength to strength right now, but defi protocols cannot take this trend for granted (we certainly aren’t). Only by innovating our products and platforms can decentralized finance realize its full potential — and that’s exactly what we plan to do in conjunction with YOP Finance.

YOP Founder, Atif Yaqub commented:

We are pleased to be working with the Shadows team who have ambitious plans to grow by bringing a broad spectrum of financial products to DeFi customers. YOP will allow the yPlatform customers to access synthetic assets from Shadows. In addition to this we will support Shadows to build institutional relationships in some of the leading financial markets to grow the product offering and market liquidity.

For any questions, you can reach out to Shadows Network via:

Website | Telegram | Twitter| Github | Weibo

For any questions, you can reach out to YOP Finance via:

Website | Telegram |Twitter| Medium




Shadows is a hub for issuing, trading, lending and borrowing synthetic assets

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shadows network

shadows network

Shadows is a hub for issuing, trading, lending and borrowing synthetic assets

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