Shadows Partners With Interoperability Protocol -Poly Network

We’re delighted to announce that we will be partnering with Poly Network, a groundbreaking heterogeneous interoperability protocol alliance.

Interoperability is the future of the blockchain industry. Poly Network is built to create a cross-chain solution for heterogeneous chains, and its vision is to facilitate seamless connectivity for the blockchain world. With Poly Network, authorized homogenous or heterogenous public blockchains can connect and communicate with one another. Following the mainnet launch on August 18, 2020, Poly Network has implemented interoperability with 9 heterogeneous chains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Ontology, BSC, Heco, Elrond, Zilliqa and Cosmos-SDK. Since the launch, the protocol has enabled cross-chain asset transfer of almost 3.6 billion U.S. dollars involving more than 20,000 addresses on different blockchains.

This partnership will see Shadows Network utilize Poly Bridge, a one-click cross-chain tool of Poly Network to complete a two-way asset conversion between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which allow all of our users to take advantage of seamless cross-chain transactions.

Connecting blockchains with Poly Network is lightweight and easy. It requires no major changes to the core technology, and requires only two smart contracts for cross chain functionality between two chains. Because of the ease of use that Poly Network provides, there are a myriad use cases that the Network can be adapted to. Poly Network is able to provide services to DEXs, Credit protocols and stable coins to allow them to function on multiple blockchains without the need to create a new ecosystem on each chain.

Poly Network aims to build the foundation for Next-gen Internet (NGI) by enabling greater integration, cooperation, and innovation. As the family member of the Poly Network, Shadows will also be part of this next generation. The future of DeFi is an entire Ecosystem of blockchains where assets and projects can freely interact with each other whatever protocol they’re built on. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Poly Network, where we can realize this vision together.

About Poly Network

Poly Network is a groundbreaking heterogeneous interoperability protocol alliance, consisting of leading blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Ontology, BSC, Switcheo, Elrond, Heco, Ziliqa and COSMOS-SDK. Representing both a technical breakthrough and a milestone for blockchain adoption, Poly Network is well positioned to become the pillar of NGI and the smart economy of tomorrow.

Poly Network has a wide range of support across a lot of blockchains as a result of how easy it is to join in. Based on cryptography, Poly Networks adds an extra layer of complex security mechanisms that makes cross-chain transactions extra secure. The adaptability that Poly Network has, means it has unlimited potential and Shadows is proud to be a part of their journey.

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