Step1: Mint the ShaUSD in advance.

Step2: On Shadows Dapp, click on “Provide Liquidity” to get access to PancakeSwap.

Step3: Then click on “Add Liquidity” to provide liquitity.

If any set of the tokens is not shown, you can click on the ‘Select a currency’ option and choose BUSD or ShaUSD from the drop-down menu.

Step4: Click on “Enable BUSD”and confirm, a Metamask prompt will appear asking for confirmation, and you’ll have to pay a gas fee (in BNB) at this step.

Click on “Enable ShaUSD” and confirm, Once again, the gas fee will be charged.

In the ShaUSD/BUSD LP, you have to stake ShaUSD and BUSD tokens of the same USD value. Make sure that you have sufficient assets of each type, and enter the equivalent amount of ShaUSD (or BUSD) that you want to stake.

Step5: Now you will need to click on “supply” and “confirm supply”

Click on the “Confirm Supply” button to receive the tokens.

Step6: Go to the Staking page link, click Approve button the first time providing LP tokens.

Step7: After confirming transaction on MetaMask the approve button will change to a + button. Press + to select the number of LP tokens you would like to stake.

Now,you’ve successfully staked your ShaUSD/BUSD tokens! You start earn yields. These tokens are earned in proportion to your contribution to the total liquidity pool, and can be redeemed anytime.

After completing this final confirmation to MetaMask, you are now earning profits!



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