What is Prism: a Detailed Introduction to Our Parachain


Over the past year, the DeFi market has seen explosive growth in both the total value locked (TVL) and the number of users.

Prism Solutions

Native to your existing work-flows

Prism is fully compatible with Ethereum. Prism EVM RPC is a protocol layer that supports all tools of the Ethernet ecosystem, such as MetaMask, Web3js, Etherjs, Truffle, Hardhat, etc.

The Prism Core

Prism is an ideal infrastructure to deploy DeFi applications upon. It boasts four key advantages.

1. High Scalability

Prism provides a more flexible infrastructure for DeFi applications through its vertical and horizontal scalability.

2. Rich Functions

Prism can easily operate as a sidechain of any Ethereum compatible public chain and communicate with the Cosmos ecosystem. This is achieved by Prism EVM, Prism Bridge and the IBC protocol.

3. Low Barriers

Prism can perform 1000+ TPS. DeFi applications deployed on Prism enjoy higher transaction rates at lower gas cost.

4. High Security

Prism is built on Substate, and the inherent security of the Rust language eliminates runtime exceptions.

Prism Sidechain: How does It Work?

The Prism sidechain is one of the independent Layer 2 solutions, enabling Prism a greater capacity and higher transaction speeds than the main Ethernet network. Nodes on Prism are responsible for confirming and processing transactions. Once connected to a Polkadot parallel chain slot, the transaction data will be collected by Prism’s collator nodes. The data will then be submitted to Polkadot verifiers to be written into blocks, which maintains the consensus of the entire network. Security is the responsibility of every sidechain, Prism relies on the decentralized nature of the Polkadot network and its advanced consensus mechanism to provide strong security for every user.

Future vision

After nearly 10 years of development since the birth of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has failed to solve the problem of poor connections between different chains. With the emergence of cross-chain technology, the flow of digital assets among different chains is now possible.

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